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sounds of sex

now onto my gay question of the day...

What's up with gay men and urethral sounds?

Check out this link ....

I was at the Bike Stop (the local leather bar in town) a few months back and they were doing a fetish presentation on sounds...I was curious to see what it was all about and boy, did it seriously kill this cat.

It kinda reminded me of the time I had to wear a cathetar for four days due to a kidney stone about a year ago. I was in sooo much pain I can not even describe it without wanting to cry...and the very idea that people purposefully stick metal rods up their penis hole (or vagina thingamajig--can you tell I'm gay?) blows me away....

hmmm...my opinion of course...just sort of extreme and sort of sad that they need to resort to that extreme method for sexual satisfaction....

so, what are your opinions on this? has anyone here tried it?  


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