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kissing and poop

I'm one of those voyeuristic kind of guys...but instead of watching people make out and have sex for my own sexual gratification, I have a deep curiosity about how others "do it"...very nerdy and not as sexy.
Anyhow, I like comparing things...

kissing, for example (my favorite past time):

from drunk "straight" Norwegian guys at a party....


*coughs* yeah

to drunk "straight" Norwegian women at a party....

*coughs again*...yeah very scientific...I swear


I also tend to fantasize about other forms of kissing (hetero kissing just DOESN'T cut it)...

like Japanimation art:

domo arigato oh Mister Roboto....


or even the occasional animal kiss can turn me on.....

bears, of course.

and even the occasional baby-dog beastility kiss...

Ahh...yes, kissing is so awesome.


I'm writing a book..umm.yeah that's it..on kissing...so..ummm..Please send all male-male, lesbian-lesbian, "straight"-"straight", man-beast kissing photos to my attention and I'll put it in my book...

yeah it's for research, I swear.

*clears throat*

Now, go to this site to learn about POOP.  

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