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Man, were they ever BEAUTIFUL in 1971!

Alright, I was debating on whether or not this was even appropriate for the steamy Sexxx Pal-Ass. But then I thought, "hey, these guys are WAY dirtier then me!" so I thought I'd go for it.

Here are some pictures from my "Stupid Vintage Porn" collection that is growing. Specifially these are from a really gross porn book thing from about 1971 called "Lust: Past to Present" that my old roommate gave me. It's supposed to be veiled as an educational/historical tome but is just gross and funny. These pictures are hilarious. But they are filthy. Well, not really, they're pretty tame because of their sillyness. But they're not work safe. Unless you work at a dirty place. But if you don't don't click on the cut.

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